Obsessed With PBS: Secrets Of Underground London

My favorite part of Secrets Of Underground London is the shots of the expert opening the door to the “secret underground” whatever. Seriously, practically every segment had the secret door being opened. I was disappointed by the lack of angels singing when the knob was turned. My other favorite part was the reenactments. Man, I …


Toys Once, Issue 5: Insane Asylum

Oh, kids and their lighthearted look at mental illness. Well, you will soon realize that the “afflictions” mentioned below have nothing to due with mental illness and more to due with things kids think are funny. Enjoy! YES, I REALIZE THAT IT LOOKS MORE LIKE CHER THAN KATE JACKSON. (Maybe Cher crossed with Madonna. Either …


Toys Once, Issue 4: Slime

There’s a whole generation of kids who think slime originated with Nickelodeon. Au contraire, mon frere. There once was a toy called Slime. It was a green slimy ooze that came in a trashcan*. It made your hands smell weird. And children played with it. We were no exception. *Dramaturgical note: Slime actually came in …


Toys Once, Issue 3: Super Toad

Tired of same old, same old Hide ‘n’ Seek? Why not add flying amphibians to it? Enjoy. All credit goes to my brother Erik and his friend Jeff Lacroix for coming up with this one. My only contribution is the stuffed toad itself.