1. Just heard that brilliant (Academy Award nominated) tune on the radio yesterday, and the movie was on the other night. The movie Guinness record for the longest boat jump.
    My favorite Bond trivia is that the actors for the premier British spy, mostly didn’t come from England
    Sean Connery-Fountainbridge, Scotland
    George Lazenby- Goulburn, Australia
    Roger Moore-Stockwell, England
    Timothy Dalton-Colwyn Bay, Wales
    Pierce Brosnan-Drogheda, Ireland
    Daniel Craig-Chester, England

    • I had no idea that George Lazenby was Australian! Perhaps word got out and that’s why he only did the one. Well, that and they wanted Connery back.

      Yeah, this Bond theme is my favorite, followed by A View To A Kill. Did you see Shirley Bassey kill it on the Oscars? She can still belt.

      • And according to Antony Beevor, “Crete: the battle and the resistance”, an MI6 agent named Peter Fleming gave the name to his brother Ian of a fierce SIS agent in Greece called Rodney Bond.

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