Toys Once, Issue 1: K-9 & Junior

My next round of autobiographical comics will be centered on the toys and games of my childhood. Because he is three years older, I am consulting with my brother, Erik, on these because they were most likely his nutty ideas to begin with. Direct all complaints to him. First up: a journey into the realm of …


13 Once, Issue 7: Stress

This is the last one of these cartoons for a bit. You know, vacation and then holidays and stuff. I appreciate everyone letting me release the Junior High demons that still lurked within. Quite cathartic for me. Perhaps uncomfortable for everyone else. Thanks, folks!

13 Once, Issue 5: Spine

A little back story (Pun intended!): in seventh grade when the girls were tested for scoliosis, I was “moved on” to see the doctor and then “graduated” to get an x-ray. The doctor said I only had a 12 degree curve (or something like that) so I didn’t need a brace or surgery. Instead, I …


13 Once, Issue 4: Party

I wonder if my former classmates remember this party (who knows? It may have been one of many). Rumors were spread that our teachers warned the high school about how bad our class was. Of course, I think our badness was eclipsed soon after that year by the juniors who dropped acid at Grad Night.