V For Vignetta: Sideline Of Fire

I did this one last week before the shootings in Orlando. I wasn’t being political. But now on this side of the tragedy, it looks like the Stop sign is toasting the gun shot. Kind of like how our actions don’t match what our mouths say. OK. That was political.

V For Vignetta: Titanic Resurfaces

New project I’ve been working on. I’ve recently went all Konmari method on my belongings and culled my photos. Did I really need that many pictures of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat from senior year? Turns out: I don’t. But instead of throwing out the discarded photos, I decided to make new pictures out …


Obsessed With PBS: Downton Abbey, S6, Series Finale

Pernicious Anemia.  I’ve heard of each word before but never together. But it’s a thing. Lord Merton is diagnosed with it. He tells Isobel that it is terminal and he will die soon but he feels fine. Isobel goes to visit him and is denied entry by the conniving daughter-in-law. Since Merton is about to …


Obsessed With PBS: Downton Abbey, S6, Part Eight

Let us have Lady Mary take us through this week’s episode: “Not everyone would accept Edith’s past.” This would be Mary telling the new Marquis of Hexham, Bertie Pelham, of his fiancé’s secret. “Marigold is my daughter,” Edith has to admit. This causes Bertie to break up with Edith because he cannot trust her because …


Obsessed With PBS: Downton Abbey, S6, Part Six

Downton Abbey opens its doors for one day to the public to raise funds for the hospital. “Roll up. Roll up. Visit an actual dining room,” says the Dowager Countess. Yes, see where Lord Grantham SPIT UP BLOOD AT DINNER. Alas, that has been cleaned up and Donk is resting in bed the whole episode. …